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Kingdom Corp helps businesses, organizations, and influencers expand their reach and grow their sales and following by offering a number of digital PR services. From designing strategies to execution and recording and analyzing data for the next campaign, we boost your online presence and cover any controversy that might be surrounding your business.

What is Digital PR. An Array of Marketing

Digital PR is a marketing tactic that helps influencers and profit and non-profit organizations build their online presence

It’s the job of PR experts to make sure their employer or clients have a clean image in the market so their prospects don’t have any reason to not work with them. 

How Can We Help You

Kingdom Corp helps businesses, organizations, and influencers expand their reach and grow their sales and following by offering a number of digital PR services.

Customized PR Services

We do not follow the formula of one size fits all. Our experts do a thorough research of the market.

Brand Mention Services

Get mentioned on the most authoritative websites ruling the internet in every industry and niche.

Online PR Campaign

We design and execute full-fledged campaigns that consider all goals and expectations of the client.

Manage Your Online Reputation For Better Digital Solutions

Don’t let your competitors bring your entire business down.
Thought Leadership Building

We have content experts to do research on your behalf and share it with your target audience on your behalf.

Boost Your Online Presence

Just creating pages on social media websites is not enough to build an online presence.

Create Brand Image

Brands don’t have to convince people why they are best at what they do.

Explore Our PR Solution

Kingdom Corp follows a specific set of steps to make sure every campaign is executed flawlessly and brings better results than what the client is expecting of us.

Authoritative Sites

Being one of the best PR agencies in USA, we have links with over 100 well-known authoritative websites.

Distributing Press Releases

We include press releases to ensure the message of our clients always gets out to reach the right audience.

Live Reports to Clients

We always submit a detailed report to the client with every little detail about the campaign.

Distribution Strategies

Our job starts by taking all the details from the client, which include their goals and our suggestions.

Targeted Click-Through

With the right content distribution strategies, you get the most relevant audience to your website.

Better Engagement

As long as you are solving a problem for them in the best manner, they will keep giving you business.

What Our Happy Client Say About Our Success

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Don’t let your competitors or a few unsatisfied customers bring your entire business down by sabotaging your reputation in the industry. 



Most Frequent Questions

Digital PR is a part of digital marketing that focuses on improving the online brand image and reputation of an individual or organization through content and brand mentions on relevant and authoritative platforms.

PR Experts have to monitor social footprints, understand the target audience, get positive reviews, connect with people, and fight negative opinions to make sure you have a good image in the market.

Yes. Kingdom Corp can help you get contributorship to over one hundred authoritative websites that rule the internet and are considered leaders of their niche.

Kingdom Corp offers free basic audit of PR strategy to everyone, where others would cost hundreds of dollars. We also provide a free consultation to everyone as we consider it your right.

It takes time to build strong digital public relations on the internet and one has to be very smart with the strategy and execution for it to work. One should expect to wait around six months before he can get any results from the efforts of digital PR services.

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